Custom Fabric Dyeing

Do you have a favorite fabric but can’t find anything to match it? We can help. Your Designs Team will custom dye our spandex fabric for your project. We dye shiny spandex, matte spandex, stretch lace, stretch mesh, glissenette, and can special order silk chiffon for dyeing. We only dye fabrics sold by Your Designs – performance wear fabrics. If you need to match a fabric you already have, send a piece of the fabric and we will try to match it. We also do Ombre dyeing! For more information please CONTACT us.

Fabric Dyeing Prices:
  • $10 set up fee per color per fabric type wanted
  • $6.00 / yard charge for standard color
  • $8.00 / yard for mixed colors (if we need to mix multiple dyes to achieve color wanted)
  • ombre dyeing – one color $8.00 / yard
  • ombre dyeing – two colors $10.00 / yard
  • ombre dying – three colors $13.00 / yard
  • plus cost of fabric
  • price quotes will be given for projects such as pattern piece dyeing. and for partially assembled garment/costumes

Dyed Fabric is NOT RETURNABLE.

Need Help Deciding How Many Colors To Pick?

Take a look at these projects below to help you best decide on the look you are going for.

  • A one colored ombre is made with one dye color and the dye bath is watered down to achieve the lighter colors, this doesn’t produce the most even effect. A one colored ombre typical as a rougher/not smooth look to it.
  • A two colored ombre using different hues of the same color gives a smoother more graceful appearance to it.
  • We can also do ombres with 3 colors.

This White Super Stretch Lace was ombre dyed using 3 different blues.

This White Shiny Tricot was ombre dyed using 3 different blue dyes.

Here is an example of White Shiny Tricot ombre dyed with one dye color.

Here is an example of White Glissenette ombre dyed using 3 dye colors.

This White Shiny Tricot was ombre dyed with 2 dye colors.

How It Works

As we have been getting more questions on  our fabric dyeing services I thought I would take a minute and explain the process. Here is a generalized list of the process from start to finish:

  • customer contacts us about fabric dyeing, this can be done by phone or email. We will discuss your needs and what you want to make with your costume dyed fabric. If we are dyeing a solid color it is not as important that we know what you are making but if you are wanting an ombre dyed fabric it is important that we discuss your project so that we can make sure that all of the colors well be seen on your finished design.
  • for ombre dyeing we will discuss with you the best method for your fabric, we want you to get the most use out of your spandex fabric as possible. We can either dye the fabric as is, we can cut it in to smaller pieces, we can mail you the white spandex and after you cut out your pattern pieces they can be mailed back to us for dyeing. There are many option!
  • After we have talked about what you are designing we will email you a sketch of the ombre to get your approval. Once approved we will get started. Different projects require different lengths of time. Most Ombre dyeing projects are not a 1 day job, they often require a few days and sometimes longer depending on the amount of fabric and the aspects of each individual job.
  • We hand dip the ombre fabrics and only dye 1 – 2 yard pieces at a time.
  • Larger dye jobs may require a deposit.
  • Dye colors vary on the color fastness so it is important to test the fabric before laundering. A mild soap and COLD WATER is recommended. NEVER USE HOT WATER ON YOUR CUSTOM DYED SPANDEX FABRICS.


  1. Barbara garrett

    Looking for hot pink to black Ombre. Wanting it on a mystic type fabric. This will be used for gymnastics leotards. Approximately 15 yards are needed.

  2. Jennifer Jang

    Hi! How much does it cost to do the purple/white dying on either mesh or spandex? Is it $8/yard? Thanks!

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