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Over 1000 Spandex Fabric Swatches! Look and feel the fabrics before you buy!

Nude Sample Pack

We know how hard it is to match skin tones to fabrics. Make the process a little easier with our new Nudes Swatch Packs.

Swatch Book and Color Card Information


With our Swatch Book, our store comes to you! The Swatch Book contains swatches of over 1,000 stretch fabrics. You are able to look, feel, and stretch the fabrics before you make a purchase. It’s great to see what you are getting before you order.

Our spandex swatches are organized into 11 sections/color cards. You may purchase the sections/color cards all at once or individually. When we have many new fabrics in a section and have sold out of many in the same section, we will remake that section. New sections will be available for purchase at that time. You may purchase just that section without having to purchase a whole new swatch book. This eliminates the need to ever repurchase a whole swatch book. Just update your sections/color cards as you need them. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

There is currently a 1-2 week wait on spandex Swatch Book orders.

If you purchase multiple items we will ship your in stock  items right away and send your swatch pages when it is done being made!

Swatch Books

Swatch Book Package 2

  • Complete Swatch Book
  • Organized in a 3 Ring Binder
  • Crystal Color Sheet

Swatch Book Package 3

the basics
  • Complete Swatch Book
  • Organized In a 3 Ring Binder
  • Crystal Color Sheet

Individual Color Cards

Section 1 - Spandex Foils, Glitters and Things That Shine

7 pages of stretch foiled and glitter fabrics. We try to keep mostly 4 way stretch fabrics however we do have some 2 way stretch foils and glitter fabrics.

$9.00Add to cart

Section 2 -Stretch Sheers, Glissenettes, and Chiffons

4 pages of sheer fabrics including 2 and 4 way stretch Glissenettes and Chiffon. Also some non-stretching Chiffon.

$9.00Add to cart

Section 3- Spandex Mesh

6 pages of stretch mesh swatches.

$12.00Add to cart

Section 4 - Stretch Laces

3 pages of 2 and 4 way stretch laces.

$5.50Add to cart

Section 5 - Solid Spandex

8 pages of mostly 4 way stretch solid colored spandex fabrics.

$14.00Add to cart

Section 6 - Heavy Weight Spandex

1 page of Heavy Weight 4 way stretch spandex swatches.

$2.00Add to cart

Section 7 - Spandex Animal Prints

2 pages of 2 and 4 way stretch animal print fabrics. This section contains stretch mesh, velvet and tricots.

$4.00Add to cart

Section 8 - Spandex Ombre & Tie Dye

1 page of our Ombre & Tie Dyed fabrics.  

$2.00Add to cart

Section 9 - Stretch Velvets

4 pages of our 2 and 4 way stretch Velvet.  

$7.00Add to cart

Section 10 - Spandex Prints

3 pages of 2 and 4 way stretch spandex Print swatches.

$5.50Add to cart

Section 11 - Sequins - stretch and non-stretch

2 pages of Sequin fabric swatches. Most stretch in one direction and some stretch in both direction.  

$4.00Add to cart

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